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There are universities in the USA that offer admission without the need for English proficiency exams for English-speaking countries (Such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, etc). They can also admit you if you had your previous education in English language, even if you are from a non-English speaking country.

American universities usually offer admission during Spring (Application usually around October), Summer (Application usually around December) or Fall (Application usually around December).


1. International passport (scanned).

2. Scanned passport photograph in white background.

3. For Bachelor applicants: You need your High School certificate.

4. For Transfer students: University transcript and degree certificate.

5. For Master’s applicants: Bachelor’s degree and University transcript. Most research-based programs would require you have a Supervisor from the institution you are applying to, Your Bachelor thesis (your project report) and 2 academic references.


1. Bank statement: Clients need to present a bank statement for the past 6 months with a minimum closing balance that covers their study expenses for an academic year.

2. SEVIS fee payment: Online SEVIS fee payment is blocked in some countries. But because we are in North America, we can help pay this fee for our clients.

3. Using a Sponsor? Let us know so we can provide best recommendations.

4. Proof of ties to home country: Proof of ownership of real estate, Job Employment and Leave Letter, Business Ownership and Tax Documents, Documents of any other tangible asset owned by applicant.

5. Travel history to a developed country.




Individual ($USD)

Family, 5max ($USD)

Admission fees



SEVIS fees



Visa fees



Health Insurance (per year)



Average Tuition fees (per year)

35,000 (Bsc) 19,000 (Msc)

35,000 (Bsc) 19,000 (Msc)


Make a one-time investment of 1,200 USD (For an individual) or 1,860 USD (For a family of 5). This covers your admission fee, visa fee, our assistance and travel itinerary. It does not cover your SEVIS fee, Health insurance or accommodation. Full payment must be made before we begin. Our fees are non-refundable.

Nigerian applicants: Pay to 0125698567 – Adodo Eddy Osaman – GTBank

International applicants pay here:

Please note that for Nigerian applicants, payment must be made in Bureau De Change Exchange rate. Click here to see the Naira to Euro Bureau De Change exchange rate.


All expenses mentioned are average and are for regular programs. Special courses like Nursing, MBA, Pharmacology, Law, etc come with higher tuition. Most universities require up to 40% of tuition fees before final admission letter is granted. Others require payment upon arrival. Our fees cover Admission fees, Visa fees, Stationery. It does not cover SEVIS fees.

For Families: The spouse of an American study visa holder will be eligible to have a F2 visa to accompany their spouse to the USA. An F2 visa does not allow one to work or study. It only allows recreational activities.


AVERAGE PROCESSING TIME: About 3 months minimum for admission, 4 months minimum for visas (Kindly note that in certain cases, processing times may take longer).

For applicants in Nigeria, kindly note that obtaining an embassy appointment date is now a hassle. We cannot guarantee an embassy appointment date even after paying to secure one. If this is unsurmountable, kindly choose another travel opportunity on our website.

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